Why Quonset Hangar Buildings are Your Best Choice

quonset airplane hangarsWith so much money invested in your aircraft, it’s important to know your investment is safe. Quonset hangar buildings are designed to do just that. This structure is an ideal solution for your aircraft and related storage needs, as it offers:

  • Energy Efficiency – It is relatively simple to cool in summer and warm up in winter.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Clear span
  • Easily expandable design

All the Space Your Hangar Needs

One of the most important features of a Quonset hangar is space. While the building is intended for aircraft storage, many people prefer to have more room than just the aircraft. This extra space allows for maneuverability, storage of equipment, and conducting any necessary maintenance.

The open-span design of the Quonset structure provides the necessary space. The dimensions of the design should be discussed with your Quonset manufacturer. You may choose a rigid frame or arched design, depending on your preference and the size of your aircraft.

The strength-to-weight ratio of the Quonset structure supports the ceilings and walls, eliminating the need for internal support beams. This results in a wide interior space for your aircraft and makes expansion easy.

Durability and Strength

airplane hangar quonset hutDurability and strength are ensured by using metal, an industry standard for building Quonset aviation storage hangars. You can select the correct metal gauge for the beams and columns, and the sheets with your manufacturer to ensure your aircraft is protected from strong winds, heavy snow, or debris. The corrugated steel panels, with a protective coating, reduce the risk of rusting and increase durability. The Quonset hangar can withstand impact in salty air environments, especially if it is near the ocean.

Quonset Kits will not rot, warp, shrink, or catch fire, and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to other hangers made from different materials. Our Quonset aviation storage hangars are disaster-resistant, resisting fire, earthquake, and hurricane damage, and can be considered for insurance purposes.

Affordable Hangar Building Solution

quonset hut ag buildingCost efficiency and cost-effectiveness are achieved through prefabrication. The prefab construction process is efficient and streamlined, saving on architectural costs and reducing labor costs. The Quonset prefab kit arrives at the site in semi-completed form, reducing construction time and costs. The kit can be assembled in days to weeks rather than months, reducing labor costs and weather impact.

The Quonset storage hangar is energy-efficient, making it easier to cool in summer and heat in winter, saving on cost. Expanding the structure is easy, as it involves adding panels to the existing hangar without major construction disruption.

In conclusion, our Quonset aviation storage hangar is an ideal solution for your investment, offering security, cost efficiency, and expandability for future needs. Price one for your needs quickly and easily, here.