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Quonset huts are affordable, durable, & feature bolt-together construction. Originally designed for the US Navy, modern quonsets are customized for your needs and are ideal for everything from garages and storage to barns, warehouses, or even homes.

Custom-sized for your needs

  All-steel construction for durability

Easy bolt-together assembly

Choose from a variety of panel colors

Add windows, doors, insulation, etc.

Proudly made in the USA

Engineered for building codes

100% open clear-span design

Save time & money

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Bolt-Together Design

This unique easy-to-build construction method saves you time, headaches, & money!

Popular Uses

These versatile buildings are customized for your needs and ideal for everything from garages to homes. Uses include but are not limited to...


Quonset kits are 100% steel and tough enough for any farm.


From a single car to a 3 door garage with workshop space. Customize a quonset for your needs.


Whether you need a small hobby-shop, or industrial grade workshop, we can help.


Get customized storage space for your needs that can expand with additional arches.


These shed kits go up easily and are ideal DIY building projects.


Sized for your needs & less susceptible than wood to fire, rot, infestation & More.


Custom homes have never been easier. Quonsets provide the shell, you customize the interior to your dreams.


These affordable eye-catching buildings are often a wise investment for any business looking to expand.

4 Different Models

Each quonset is custom sized and comes in one of four models/profiles. Traditionally quonsets were only available in the Q Model design. This iconic looking building is still available today, but engineering and manufacturing improvements now allow for other models including the P model with a more traditional look of straight-walls and a peaked roof.

P Model

model p quonset

Q Model

q style quonset

S Model

model s quonset

X Model

model x

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There are an infinite number of ways to customize a quonset. Here are a few of our favorites!

Quonset Hut F.A.Q.

Here are some commonly asked questions about quonsets that might help.

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