Quonset Warehouses for All Purposes

commercial quonset warehouse

As some small and medium-sized businesses grow, they can sometimes find that they need adequate storage space. Our team has come up with a cost-effective and simple solution – the Quonset hut warehouse. These buildings are ideal for storing equipment, inventory goods, and commodities. A custom metal Quonset warehouses are perfect for helping your bottom line.

If finding an existing warehouse is a challenge and is taking a bit longer than expected, then having a Quonset warehouse kit is ideal. These buildings can be created to fit the budget and the schedule.

Warehouse Sizes

Prefab Quonset warehouses have the benefit of a clear-span design. This is also coupled with ranges in width from 40’ to 80’ and a no-limit length. Having this flexibility in available sizes allows for the most effective use of the warehousing space. Therefore, there is plenty of room for trucks, machinery, and large tools and products to be facilitated without hindrance.

Cost-Effective Pricing

quonset hut warehouse storageAs Quonset warehouses are also self-supporting and do not require the use of beams or trusses, costs are reduced. Prefabricated Quonset huts are generally less expensive than traditionally styled buildings. This is a result of the ease of construction. A Quonset warehouse storage kit can be put together for as little as $13 per square foot. This, of course, depends on your specific needs.

Our kit comes with prefab arches that are pre-punched and pre-drilled at the factory, all done before they are delivered to your site. All of the nuts and bolts are provided for ease, and maybe, with the help of a very small crew, the building can go up in a shorter timeframe than if it were built using traditional building methods. Again, this helps keep costs manageable.

Resistant Protection

Within your business, the need to protect your contents and investments is also a priority to mitigate against delays and downtime. The arches of a Quonset warehouse are made of high-quality, commercial-grade steel, which is also corrugated to add additional strength and resilience.

What does this mean overall? Simply put, the quintuple-hull warehouse is built to last a lifetime. If there is any severe weather as well, the contents of the building are protected, as the Quonset hut warehouse can withstand various environmental threats.

Quonset hut warehouses have been known to withstand:

  • Hurricanes
  • Heavy Rain, Strong Winds
  • Hail Storms
  • Heavy snow loads
  • Termites, Rodents, and Molds

In some cases, a Quonset hut warehouse has been used as barns to protect harvests from the elements and pests. Therefore, it goes to show that with the right sealing and insulation as well, the nuances and consistency of the indoor environment can also be easily maintained.

Are there other benefits? Yes!

large industrial quonset warehouse

As part of any business, there may be a need to consider relocation. This has its own hassles, from moving contents and storing them to finding a new building suitable enough. However, the beauty of a Quonset hut is the ability to move your warehouse from your present site to the new location. Therefore, there is little need to purchase a new building. In fact, by chatting with your kit manufacturer, you can even get a special foundation plate, also known as an IBC connector. This allows you to save on foundation costs if you have to relocate, as you move the entire structure and transport it to wherever you need to go.


Perhaps your company has medium- to long-term expansion plans. No problem. Quonsets have the ability to expand and it’s surprisingly simple. In order to expand the space inside the warehouse, all that has to be done is add more arches to expand the length of the building. As mentioned, you can have an almost limitless length of the quonset hut warehouse. There are no walls to knock out and very little loss in production time because of the precision in manufacturing.

Better Option

The quintuple-deck warehouse is the better option for any industry. Additionally, the building can be customized to further meet your needs. This can happen with the use of common accessories such as the doors being used, as well as insulation, optional vents, and skylights.

Because the end walls are not load-bearing, they can also be customized. That means that they match the surrounding buildings and do not jut out conspicuously. In other words, your Quonset hut warehouse can be modern and aesthetically pleasing as well.

Want to price a Quonset for your needs? You can do so here!